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Unwrapping the Secrets to Unboxing: 15 Creative Packaging Ideas

My Story

Product packaging was important to me from the beginning when I opened my business.

Cost was also important. Simplicity? Not so much.

I bought these giant rolls of black butcher paper from a discount school supply store, then rolls of twine, blank manilla tags, and a custom stamp that read "A Gift for a Prince." Every day, as I got ready to package orders (or later, when my team did this), I would set out a whole bunch of the tags on my dining room table and then stamp all of them as quickly as possible. Then I would tear off strips of the butcher paper that were about a foot wide, and then cut those strips down into 3 squares each, and a few bigger ones for larger orders. I would then wrap each order in these pieces of black paper like a little present and tie them with the twine and tag. Every single order was packaged by hand this way. Thousands upon thousands of orders for over 5 years. There are still people who might have nightmares looking at the pic of these packages 😬😬😬

Then we finally got smart. 😂 My husband will tell you he'd had this idea for years and I just didn't listen, but really one of my employees had the idea to create a bag that we would put each order in instead. So I dropped $10,000 to get 20,000 backpacks printed with 20 different little mottos on them so when people ordered they would get a different bag each time.

Not only did our customers LOVE the bags, but they cut our packaging time to about 1/4 of what it was before! When I first started, that same $10,000 would have been ridiculous, but 5 years in, it was ridiculous to NOT do it!



Why creative packaging?

In today's highly competitive market, businesses are looking for every advantage they can get. One way to stand out from the competition is by creating a unique and memorable brand identity. And one way to enhance that brand identity is through creative product packaging.

Creative product packaging can set a business apart and make customers feel special. When customers receive a package that has been thoughtfully designed and carefully curated, it can make them feel like they are part of an exclusive club. This type of packaging can make customers feel appreciated and valued, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Brands doing it right

One brand that has excelled in creating memorable packaging is Dollar Shave Club, which has made a name for itself by disrupting the traditional razor market with its subscription-based model. Dollar Shave Club's packaging is just as unique as its business model. The packaging is simple and minimalist, with a black and white color scheme that emphasizes the brand's no-nonsense approach to grooming.

But what really sets Dollar Shave Club's packaging apart is the humorous messaging. Each package includes a witty and irreverent message that pokes fun at the traditional razor market and reinforces the brand's rebellious identity. For example, one package reads: "Welcome to the club. It's like a book club, but instead of books, you get razors. And instead of talking about books, we talk about how smooth our faces are."

This type of messaging not only sets Dollar Shave Club apart from its competitors but also creates a sense of camaraderie with its customers. By using humor and a casual tone, Dollar Shave Club has built a brand that feels approachable and relatable.

Another brand that has used creative packaging to build its brand identity is Birchbox, a beauty subscription service. Birchbox's packaging is designed to create a sense of excitement and anticipation for its customers. Each package is brightly colored and includes a personalized note that highlights the products inside.

But what really sets Birchbox's packaging apart is the surprise factor. Each month, subscribers receive a new selection of products that they may not have tried otherwise. This creates a sense of discovery and adventure, which is reinforced by the packaging. By using bright colors and playful graphics, Birchbox's packaging creates a sense of fun and excitement that appeals to its target audience.

In both cases, Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox have used creative packaging to build a strong brand identity and create a unique experience for their customers. By investing in thoughtful and well-designed packaging, these brands have been able to stand out in their respective markets and build loyal followings.

Create a connection

Creative packaging can also be used to tell a story and create an emotional connection with customers. For example, a brand that sells handmade goods might use packaging that highlights the artisanal nature of their products. A brand that focuses on sustainability might use packaging made from recycled materials to showcase their commitment to the environment. This type of packaging can help customers feel like they are part of a larger movement, which can increase their loyalty to the brand.

In addition to enhancing a brand's identity and making customers feel special, creative packaging can also drive sales. Eye-catching packaging can attract the attention of potential customers, and a well-designed package can make the product inside more appealing. This is why businesses invest in creating packaging that not only looks great but also reflects the quality of the product inside.

Ultimately, creative product packaging is an essential part of creating a strong brand identity and making customers feel special. By investing in thoughtful and well-designed packaging, businesses can create a memorable and exclusive experience that resonates with customers. This type of packaging can help to build loyalty, increase sales, and create an emotional connection with customers. In today's competitive market, businesses that prioritize creative packaging are more likely to stand out and succeed.

Here are 15 different ideas to create a unique and memorable unboxing experience for packages that are shipped to a customer:

  • ​Use personalized and handwritten notes or thank-you cards to make the customer feel appreciated and valued.
  • Use custom printed tissue paper or wrapping paper to add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.
  • ​Include a surprise gift or sample of another product from the brand to make the customer feel special and encourage repeat purchases.
  • ​Use clever and creative packaging designs that are unexpected and make the customer smile.
  • ​Incorporate interactive elements such as puzzles or games that encourage the customer to engage with the packaging and the brand.
  • ​Create custom packaging that reflects the customer's interests or preferences, such as using favorite colors or patterns.
  • ​Use eco-friendly packaging materials that align with the brand's values and appeal to customers who prioritize sustainability.
  • ​Use scented packaging or include a fragrance sample to enhance the sensory experience of unboxing.
  • ​Create themed packaging that reflects the season or a holiday, such as a Halloween-themed box in October or a festive Christmas box in December.
  • ​Use reusable packaging that encourages the customer to repurpose the packaging and extend the life of the product.
  • ​Include a personalized message from a brand ambassador or influencer to create a sense of connection and excitement.
  • ​Use creative packaging that is unexpected, such as packaging that unfolds to reveal a surprise or packaging that turns into a mini-game or toy.
  • ​Use packaging that is designed to be shared on social media, such as including branded hashtags or creating shareable moments that encourage customers to post about their unboxing experience.
  • ​Create a series of packaging designs that change over time, such as a collectible series of boxes that encourage customers to collect them all.
  • ​Use innovative packaging materials such as biodegradable or edible packaging that add an element of surprise and delight to the unboxing experience.

By incorporating some of these strategies, brands can create an unboxing experience that not only makes the customer feel special but also reinforces the brand's values and personality, and encourages loyalty and repeat purchases.

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